• 15Mar

    I’ve been brought to my knees by a safety latch.

    How hard could it be to install a simple safety latch?  I’m an educated female.  I have done some construction work.  I know how to use a screw gun.  I can read the directions.  Not only that, but I’m a single mother and it’s in the rule book that I be capable of simple upkeep tasks.

    Ha!      That’s why I’m on the floor of my kitchen, crying and yelling at my screw gun and my rock hard cabinets.  Lunch is burning, the microwave is beeping, the baby wants fed, the kids are wanting me to look at a million different things, and all I wanted to do was put in four little screws!!!!!!

    I do everything in five minute intervals.  If it can’t be done in five minutes then I don’t have the time to do it.  Large tasks get broken down into five minute increments or they don’t get done.  Why would it take longer than five minutes to put in a couple of screws?!

    I think I am humiliated.  I still don’t think I Need a man, but it sure would make things a lot easier.