• 28Mar
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    The words to a medley I played for church tonight.


    My God is bigger than I am,
    Strongest of all;
    He is able to make the summer turn into fall.
    He controls all that happens,
    His power is plain to see.
    And I know I can trust Him,
    For with this power He cares for me.

    I could not see through the shadows ahead;
    So I looked at the cross of my Savior instead.
    I bowed to the will of the Master that day;
    Then peace came and tears fled away.

    O rejoice in the Lord.
    He makes no mistake.
    He knoweth the end of each path that I take.
    For when I am tried and purified,
    I shall come forth as gold.

    Now I can see testing comes from above;
    God strengthens His children and purges in love.
    My Father knows best,
    And I trust in His care;
    Through purging more fruit I will bear.

    Lord, I need You
    When the sea of life is calm.
    O Lord, I need You
    When the wind is blowing strong.
    Whether trials come or cease,
    Keep me always on my knees.
    Lord, I need You.
    Lord, I need You.

    God is so good.
    God is so good.
    God is so good.
    He’s so good to me.

    My God is bigger than I am,
    Strongest of all;
    He is able to make the summer turn into fall.
    He controls all that happens,
    His power is plain to see.
    And I know I can trust Him,
    For with this power He cares for me.


  • 27Mar


    Another theory has been tested  . . . .

    Theory:   The premise of my hypothesis was the conjecture that chasing after numerous offspring enabled me to divest myself of an accumulation of mass at a rapid rate. (Chasing kids made me lose weight.)

    My nanny just informed me that she was able to gain a bit of weight once she stopped chasing my kids around.  =)

    So, to all you wondering how to get rid of that excess weight, may I suggest having a few more children?  =)  The results can be astounding, the side affects however, . . . (we’re still working on those  =D  )

  • 25Mar
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    Yeah!!!!  Another quilt top pieced together!!!  Now I can put them away and concentrate on my favorite time of the year.  That means I have two quilts to “quilt” next winter.  Anyone up for a quilting bee next February?  =)

    I am excited, but yet the question niggles at my mind “at what cost?”  Could that time have been better spent elsewhere?  Was it worth it?  Did it keep me from doing my real job – mothering?  Did it keep me from furthering my relationship with my God?

    It’s so easy to allow the “inconsequentials” into our lives.  When we get to Heaven will it be viewed as time wasted or as part of human life?

    No, I don’t believe this quilt was a waste of my time, but I might have gotten my priorities mixed up a time or two when working on it.  And how many other things have filtered into my life, hogging space, taking up time, that really are inconsequential?

    You, are not inconsequential, Josiah (6).  This quilt was made for you with love.  I’m just sorry if I ignored you in order to do it.

  • 20Mar

    Dassy (4) has decided that she is Princess Jasmine.  She acts like a princess and she’s heard enough people talking about it that she has accepted it as fact.


    So the other day she comes to me in tears, totally offended.

    Maranatha (3) had the audacity to call her a “Street Rat”!!!



  • 17Mar
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    I was reading something and found another little nugget of truth.

    John 17:19 And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.

    The author was talking about her worry for her son and then she read this verse and realized that she needed to take care of her own problems with the Lord and then pray for her son.  She did that and peace came and her burden lifted.

    How often do my own fears and sins contribute to my worries about my children?


    I realized something else.  “Why do I pass up the delicious meal that God has prepared for me (the Bible), in favor of the crumbs (the little nuggets of truth that someone else has written about the Bible)?

  • 17Mar

    Don’t suppose anyone has some spare lumber laying around?

    I’m going to build a pole barn for my lawn mower.  =)  (My Dad says I’m dreaming.)  I’d also like to put in a small orchard, a wind break or two, and get some railroad ties to hold back some of my yard from invading the space around my mailbox.  =)

    It’s spring.  I am feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world, or at least I will be able to after my nap.

  • 16Mar
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    I’m reading in Ecclesiastes this morning and I read something that reminded me of something I read in Ruth Bell Graham’s book yesterday Legacy of a Pack Rat.  It’s a topic that is often on my mind. 

    Chapter 7, vs 13 says, “Consider the work of God; for who can make that straight, which he hath made crooked.”  And vs 21-22 says, “Also take no heed unto all words that are spoken; lest thou hear thy servant curse thee: For oftentimes also thine own heart knoweth that thou thyself likewise hast cursed others.

    I am currently in training to be the mother of a teenager.  My brother is turning 14 this week and he has teenageritis bad.  I often find myself looking at him with shock and thinking “REALLY!!?”  So far I’ve found it best to use the theory behind these verses although I must admit that sometimes “big sister mode” kicks in. (O.K. Mom, so that mode kicks in more often than it should =) 

    Example:  He says something really stupid and while giving him a blank look my mind is racing with thoughts like, “He can’t really mean that.  Where does this kid get off?  I’m the adult here.  He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Cut him some slack, big sis.  He will grow up one of these days.”  And the kicker, “You were probably just as bad when you were a teenager.”  Although I doubt that one was true.  =)


    So, to connect the dots; I have a picture in mind of what I think a person should be like-Straight.  But God doesn’t make things the way I think they should be made.  He makes them the way He thinks they should be made and I really have no control over whether or not they are straight or crooked.  And besides, I’ve probably done the same thing a time or two myself.  After all, “there is nothing new under the sun”.


    Ruth put it this way.

    Who hasn’t, at one time or anothr, fallen flat on one’s face?  Some people seem more prone to fall than others, more prone to failure. [God’s crooked vs. our straight?]

    I recall one baby Christan (a grown man, but a baby Christian). . .

    The older Christians were waiting for this man to fall.  And it wasn’t long before he obliged them.

    He said later that the greatest stumbling block in the beginning of his Christian life was not his old drinkig buddies, but skeptical Christians waiting for him to fall flat on his face so they could say, “I told you so!”

    Many of us feel we have the gift of discernment when it comes to the faults and failures of other Christians–and on top of that, the gift of disapproval as well.  But even our Lord came not to condemn (we were already condemned), “but that the world through him might be saved John 3:17).

     Who in your family or among your acquaintances do you most heartily disapprove of?  Don’t you think that one is already eaten up with guilt?  How can you show kindness?

  • 15Mar

    I’ve been brought to my knees by a safety latch.

    How hard could it be to install a simple safety latch?  I’m an educated female.  I have done some construction work.  I know how to use a screw gun.  I can read the directions.  Not only that, but I’m a single mother and it’s in the rule book that I be capable of simple upkeep tasks.

    Ha!      That’s why I’m on the floor of my kitchen, crying and yelling at my screw gun and my rock hard cabinets.  Lunch is burning, the microwave is beeping, the baby wants fed, the kids are wanting me to look at a million different things, and all I wanted to do was put in four little screws!!!!!!

    I do everything in five minute intervals.  If it can’t be done in five minutes then I don’t have the time to do it.  Large tasks get broken down into five minute increments or they don’t get done.  Why would it take longer than five minutes to put in a couple of screws?!

    I think I am humiliated.  I still don’t think I Need a man, but it sure would make things a lot easier.

  • 14Mar
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    I have just had the most relaxing weekend!  The kids worked real hard at their chores and earned the privilege of a sleep over at their cousin’s house.  The two older boys went to Zach’s house and the three girls got to go to Kaya’s house.  That left me at home with Payden (2) and Caleb (1).  You might think that it would have been more relaxing if Payden and Caleb had also earned a sleep over, but I think you would be wrong.


    Having two kids at home meant that I still had to be Mom, but I could focus on them without worrying about whether or not I was neglecting someone else. 

    Having two at home meant that I wasn’t at loose ends trying to figure out what my role was and what I was supposed to be doing with this free time. 

    Having two at home freed me from the pressure of “making the best use of my ‘alone’ time” (because there are always a zillion and one things to do when there aren’t kids around to distract me). 

    Having two at home meant that I wasn’t constantly bombarded with questions and demands from multiple sources meaning the two didn’t have to work so hard to get my attention.


    It also helped that it was a rain day which always makes things seem to move a little slower.  And we also lost power again this morning (gotta look into that generator idea again I think) meaning that a lot of our normal activities were put on hold.  So, we went out to the garage where there was a lot more sunlight, and we cleaned up.  That made me feel good too.  That garage was a mess!!  It’s still not quite done, but we can see the floor rather than wading through the two inches of dirt, bikes, hats, gloves, snowsuits, coats, shoes, and sawdust.  There is plenty of room to walk around and play and the kids can get to their cubbies again.  Now if I could just get that work bench cleaned up and organized . . .

    Thank you, Lord.


  • 10Mar

    I feel so bold and daring.  =)

    Never mind the fact that it took me three months to come up with this plan; it’s taken me over a week to actually make the decision; it is a plan meaning it’s lacks a little spice for an adventure; I’m not exactly doing it on my own; I’m already worried about it; I will probably be exhausted when it’s all over; and I know at some point I’m going to say, “I am so totally crazy to have even thought that this was a good idea!”

    But the pro’s are great.  We get to see our family in MI again; visit with friends; do a bit of traveling (a good thing in case you’re wondering); step out of our routine-such as it is; and then I’ll have some time without kids, maybe a chance to sleep in (not really sure I can do that), a chance to refocus, get a grip on the bigger picture and maybe get some new ideas on running this ship.

    Whew!  I’m tired already.