• 13Feb

    I started to write . . .

    Growth is a normal part of our lives and we accept that when it comes to physical growth.  But I’m starting to notice a reluctance on our part to accept “growth” when we are dealing with spiritual and emotional growth.

    But I fell asleep.

    I started to write . . .

    The house is wonderful.  My dad told me the other day that my electric bill is less than his and I know I’m running the dryer more than they are, have way more appliances and lots more reason to use them, and we are usually home all day where they all have school and jobs (not to mention my house is bigger).  So we did something right there.  Cabin fever is still a problem and since there is so much open space in the downstairs we have quite the echo (makes things quite loud when the kids are running around), but I am constantly reminded of the cramped quarters in WV and am ever so grateful when I can holler, “Enough!!  Everyone to the Basement!!”  Then they can run and scream and fight and romp and all that fun stuff down there and give me a few minutes to catch my breath and see if my ear drums are still in working condition.  Sometimes I send them outside, but that can be exhausting work, too.  Till the last one is dressed and out the door the first ones are coming back in to go to the potty and to warm up.  We had a snowstorm the other day that resulted in schools being cancelled, etc, etc. and I got the kids all dressed and we walked down to Nana’s (two houses down).  Payden (2) went down earlier so I didn’t have to worry about trying to carry him.  I took my big laundry basket and put a plastic bag in it and a rope on the front and then packed the diaper bag and other essentials in there and Caleb.  Benjamin (7) and Josiah (6) pulled a sled that had the two little girls on it and Abigail (5) was big enough to handle it on her own.  The wind was blowing so hard that there were times we could barely see and they were all cold till we got there (except Caleb), but they were good sports.  They slept better that night, too.  Caleb had his bottle and a blanket thrown over his head so we were barely started down the driveway before he fell asleep.  I can see why someone would envy babies.


    And I fell asleep  . . .


    I’m just going to sleep.

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