• 15Feb

    He was here.

    But he was telling me he had to go.

    Others needed to hear of Jesus.

    He was distracted and I could see  he wasn’t mine anymore.

    He’s fading.  My mind can’t fill in the details of his face as well as it used to.

    He’s going/gone no matter what I want.  Sigh.

2 Comments to Another Dream

  • Hello, Liisa…
    This week-end I was in Calgary from Friday until this Monday afternoon. What a special time with my five “children” all together for the first time in 20 years!!!
    It was a special time a I will not soon forget (if ever).
    Now I am back home, suitcase unpacked etc. etc., so now i must try to catch up on some many emails which have been waiting for attention.

    Calgary still has a LOT of snow — but out here on the Prairies the warm days have caused much of the snow to melt away — but there is still some to go.

    Ernest and Donetta were among the week-end visitors — they seem happy in their new lines of work. There is much less snow here than in Calgary.
    Donetta reminded me that many years ago she used to work with Michelle – Ellen’s daughter — but now both have another occupation.

    Are you able to watch the special sports event on T.V. that are taking place in Vancouver, B.C.? Quite an event to be sure. Hope all goes well there.

    Love and good wishes, Gramma Margaret.