• 24Feb

    I’m sorry, Dan.  I’m failing you. 

    I watched you try so hard to avoid this particular pitfall and here I am, up to my neck in the mud.  You saw and felt the pain this could bring and you were determined that you would do better.  I didn’t think I had anything to fear.  That’s pride speaking.  Pride is a nasty, subtle beast that steals its way into the heart and mind of its victim and slowly penetrates to the very core and spreads it’s venom in ever widening circles. 

    But for the grace of God, there go I. 

    Why aren’t you here to snap me out of this and push me on?


    We’ve heard “pride comes before a fall”

    And that’s the reason why,

    When proud folks fall flat on their face,

    They’re served a “humble pie.”

    Its taste is bitter on the tongue,

    And brings tears to the eyes,

    But once accepted and digested,

    It makes the eater wise!

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