• 22Feb

    Today my child looked at me and whined.  “Moooommmm!”

    I took a breath and a moment of silence to control my temper and here is my response (in a very whiney tone, of course)(how does one spell whine anyway?).

    “You know, I want to whine too.  Moooommmm, someone hurt me!  Moooommmm, why do I have to forgive?  Moooommmm, why do I have to share my toys and my time?  Moooommmm, I don’t want to clean up this mess!  Moooommmm, I don’t like this!  Moooommmm, I want this to be different!  Moooommmm, It’s not fair!”


    Now, take out the Moooommmm’s and put in “God!” and you have a pretty good synopsis of what I feel like this morning.


    Then the clincher.  I looked at my child, took a deep breath and said with all the sarcasm I could muster, “But I am a responsible adult and I will not whine.”


    I wonder if God thinks I’m doing o.k. at that ‘adult’ thing.