• 25Jan

    I know the Bible says that we are to meditate on the Scriptures day and night . . . I’m having a problem.  I can read a verse in the morning, apply it to my life, and think, “that is so neat!  I need to meditate on that today.”  But within half an hour I can’t even remember the concept much less the verse.  There are so many things bombarding me at any given point throughout the day that remembering things almost requires more work than my laundry room.

    I do better when I write things down, but then I have little notes all over everywhere and they are never where they need to be when I need to read them.  Or I have a note here and a note there, but I forgot about the note over there and so I’m missing part of the information needed for that decision . . . and I’m sure you get the gist.  I’m thinking I need to get a ‘brain’ like my Dad’s.  He’s got a PDA he takes with him EVERYWHERE.  We tease him about losing his brain if his PDA is too far away, but I’m beginning to think that having a brain on the outside of my head could actually be useful since the brain on the inside of my head seems to be having some trouble functioning.

    No comments from the peanut gallery please.  =)  I’m sick again and tired.  I have an excuse.  =)

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  • Oh – I will be praying you feel better soon. Just a question – do you play music during the day? Setting the atmosphere with good, Christian music can help you remember the concepts God showed you in your Bible reading. It has really helped me keep the right focus during the day – and sometimes I hear a song and go, “That’s exactly what I read in my devotions this morning!” A good website to listen to is HisKids.net Now not everything on there is conservative – it’s quite the mixture, but during the early and late hours and through the night it’s really quite good. They also have several links to programs for kids. It’s a great resource if nothing else. God bless you, Liisa. keep up the good fight. God loves you more than you will ever know.

  • You’re not alone. I have the same problem. Sometimes I post the verse that seems to have an impact where I will see it throughout the day and pray about it when I do see it, as I can’t see it all day. I have verses posted by my computer and in front of the kitchen sink right now. I have also written them on my bathroom mirror with a white board marker, taped them to the dash of my car and left my Bible open to a longer passage at a place I know I will frequent through the day. My verse today is Eph. 4:32. God’s Word is to help us and encourage us throughout the day, even when we aren’t perfect.

  • Hey, you don’t need an excuse! 🙂 I carry my brain in my pocket or purse most of the time. It is a bit old fashioned but it works for me and so I do it. A note book and pen. Well, sometimes I even use the nice little squares on my calander to help out me external brain. I’m all for those brains we can lose. They don’t get over tired and they don’t get sick. So…..even when I am both I still have a working brain. Go for it! 🙂

  • I blame it on my age, but my wife tells me I’ve always been that way! She used to be my memory, but she’s an octogenarian too. By the way, what’s a PDA? I’ve forgotten. Just like Joanne has forgotten how to spell calendar and that the pronoun is “my” instead of “me.” (Gibaldi’s MLA Style Book says the punctuation goes inside the quotation marks. Don’t forget that!)

    We remember to pray for you and your 17 kids along with our 9 great grandkids. Look up “remember” in Strong’s or Young”s concordance The spiritual lessons it leads to are amazing!
    Wentworth Pike