• 10Jan

    Heard a couple of messages today on parenting.

    If Dan were here we would be having an intense conversation right now (probably while I scoured the kitchen) on our goals for our kids, how we want to raise them, where we want them to be in 20 years, etc. with all kinds of rabbit trails thrown in just to keep things interesting.  I can feel the passion inside just itching to be verbalized.  Unfortunately I’m not real comfortable talking to my teddy bears.  Might be good practice, though.

    Anyway, rather than ignoring it all and trying (emphasis on trying) to sleep I’m going to write.  Usually when I write it tends to be more cohesive and easier to understand, so this could be an improvement.

    The first message I heard was encouraging us as parents to have faith in God and let go of our children.  So far, so good.  I could use a little ‘letting go’ about now.  =)  We all got sick this weekend and I think the kids are getting tired of playing with each other, but Mom’s not willing to let them go out and contaminate other children.  

    The second message reminded me that “. . all things work together for good. . to them who are the called according to his purpose. . .to be conformed to the image of His Son . . .” and continued to explain that our purpose was to be more like God.  All that “good stuff” is good because it makes us more like Christ.  We may look at our circumstances and say, “How in the world could this be ‘good’?!”  But if our circumstances draw us closer to Christ and make us more like Him, then how can they be bad?

    But what really got me going was the need for parents to have goals for their children.  I was aware of that.  I even knew that having goals that we agreed on created a unity in our marriage relationship as well as our parenting techniques.  What I am now realizing is that Dan and I never had to verbalize our goals.  I’m not even sure I would know how or where to start in verbalizing what I want for my children.

    How do I communicate to someone what my goals are for my children so that we can work from the same page if I’m not really sure what those goals are?

    And the thought comes nudging, “Don’t look for the perfect mate, Be the perfect mate.”  Somehow I think Pastor Schettler said it better than that.  And I’m also reminded not to run ahead of God.  So smack, bang, tamp, tamp, smush down that excitement and PLEASE wait for God’s timing.  You know things always work better His way.

    So with all that said, I think I will have to try to write up a list of goals for my kids and put it somewhere safe.

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  • Goals are a great thing. Carolyn and I should write some down for our kids.

    One more reason that you are a good parent: you don’t take your kids out to share their germs with other kids. I wish more parents grasped that concept!

    Pastor Schettler said something like “Don’t look for the right one, just be the right one and you will get the right one.” He also said how you get them is how you keep them. So if God sends you a man, it will be one who can handle seven kids right after getting home from the honeymoon.

    No, you don’t have to be twice as choosy about picking a spouse because of the kids. Be extremely choosy because the one who spends your life with you is of extreme importance whether or not kids are pre-packaged into the deal. (I understand what you were saying about consideration for the kids, just parsing what you said. Hope you take it in good humor!)

    Let me say that if God does have a man in your future, both you and he will be very blessed to have each other!

  • I pray for you often. I will pray that you will wait for God’s timing on this. He will bring you the right one for your family. I have a friend that had 6 children when her husband passed and God brought her a man that was perfect for her and the children. Continue to rely on His strength. Thank you again for your posts what a testimony you have been to many.

  • Liisa,

    God has plans for your life and though you may not know them yet, you will. Matthew 7:7-12.
    Yesterday our Married Life Pastor was talking about resolutions. He gave us an assignment to look through our Bibles and see if there is something that really stands out to me, that I can work on through the year. The verses that stood out to me had a common theme of wisdom. Then this morning I read Proverbs 24:3,4. What a way for God to speak to me on something I wasn’t sure how to act on. I have a verse now that sums up what I should resolve to work on this year.
    Praying for you!!

  • had to laugh at that famous saying by Pastor Schettler….”don’t LOOK for the right one, BE the right one and you’ll FIND the right one”. 🙂 Why do we remember these things?! Liisa, I’m prayin for ya!!! Yup, for the dating thing, too. I won’t be able to check this blog much after this week (we’re going offline for a number of reasons), but my prayers for you and your SWEET little ones won’t stop. <3

  • What an amazing reminder to wait on the Lord. If you can trust the Lord to bring you a husband and a father for your kids – than I can trust Him to bring me the right husband to be the father of any kids I might have. God bless you.