• 06Jan
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    Dan would have been 33 today. So many jokes we tossed back and forth about that age.  Instead we celebrated Caleb’s first birthday. 

    We had cake and milk for breakfast.  His siblings helped him blow out his candle.  Benjamin gave him the candle (so he could lick the icing off of it) and he put the wrong end in his mouth.  He wasn’t much impressed with the taste.  =)  He had fun with the cake though. 

    I couldn’t eat breakfast.  I didn’t even stick around to watch Caleb eat his breakfast.  The day didn’t improve much.  I was grouchy with the kids, couldn’t get a nap because the older ones were being totally stubborn about school!, and Maranatha finished off the day on a high note by throwing up all over the library floor. 

    Hope survives.  Tomorrow is another day.  God loves me.  My kids still love me.  And we survived another hurdle in the grieving process. 


4 Comments to Birthday

  • Hard day Liisa. There is no way I can fully understand how hard it must be. Imagining it is hard enough, but I am sure does not come close to the real thing. Praying for you and appreciating your endurance.

  • Sigh.

    (And now I’m told to make my comment longer.)

    I guess even in sorrow we can’t stop to fully wallow. Life forces us to deal with details like making comments longer. I wonder why God designed it that way? It must be good; He said it was.

  • I was praying for you yesterday. That was special to celebrate Caleb’s birthday. I hope Maranatha is feeling better today.

  • You were in our prayers all day as we knew that this would be a hard day for you. But you did make it through as we knew you would with God’s help. And now you have a whole year to make new memories. We love you all.