• 23Dec

    What a day.

    From the highs of getting some social activity this morning with other adults, to the lows of cleaning my kitchen and realizing a new that this holiday is a family holiday and my family is missing (I know, the kids are my family, too), to the calmness of an evening spent relaxing with the kids (strangely, it really was calm–relatively speaking to the rest of you I’m sure), I feel like I’ve run the gamut of emotions today.

    My brother had a Christmas party at his school today and we were invited.  It took a while to get everyone out of the house, but we made it.  Then I did a lot of running around helping set up tables, get the meal ready, etc, but that is what I like to do.  We ate, we played, we talked . . real adult talk!  It was great.

    Then we went home and Dassy (4), Maranatha (3), and Payden (2) all took naps.  Unusual for Dassy, but very much needed today.  Caleb (1) unfortunately, napped on the way home so he didn’t really want to go back to bed.  However, he was in bed for the night by 6!  I hope he’s not up too early tomorrow!

    I tried to get a bit of a nap, but it didn’t work real well.  Sometimes that just makes me grouchier than if I hadn’t bothered at all, but I managed to pull through today.  Instead Depression smacked me full in the face and wrapped itself around my head.  I tried my usual thought process.  “Your tired.  Hormones are acting up. You’ll be fine tomorrow.” 

    “Wahhhhh!  No I won’t!  Nothing will have changed tomorrow.  Dan will still be gone.  I will still be trying to fill in the holes in this impossible situation.  I’m grieving!  For heaven’s sake, Liisa!  Let it out!”

    So I cried.

    And then I went and joined the kids who were sliding down the stairs on a mattress.

    Then with my kitchen clean (a big help in the relaxation factor), Caleb in bed, and some of the kid’s excess energy burned off with the party this morning and the mattress sliding this afternoon, we had a nice “quiet” evening.  The older ones played some card games at the kitchen table, the younger ones colored in the playroom with me while I worked on my latest project.

    So, now I’m exhausted and ready for bed . . .

    Another day in the life of the Ewings.  =)

3 Comments to What a Day.

  • Lissa,

    You continue to amaze, and awe me with wonder ! How gratefully you have managed this continual challange ! I betcha, Dan is looking down, and giggling, thinking how wonderfully you are STILL managing all SEVEN children, and how much he would long to be here by your side, yet doesn’t feel that longing. The LORD DOES work in mysterious ways.

    Your strenghth, insight, honesty, and love for your children, encourages me to be a better mother, and wife. Your dilligence, understanding, honestly, and love, make me WANT to be a better person.

    Without you, perhaps my own journey, would not be the same. You truley an insperation, a candle in the wind, and my personal goal….I could only hope to be half the woman you are….you inspire me, make me laugh, and love my husband all of the times when I find it difficult too. I love you !

    Merry Christmas, and all the best for the AMAZING New Year that that Lord shall provide for us !!!!

    Many thoughts and Prayers, Mikchelle

  • Merry Christmas Lisa. Hang in there. I am so glad for your seven beautiful children. I know it is chaotic at times, but how wonderful that you will always have some part of Dan through them. Hopefully the good parts. (-:

  • You will be remembered more closely in these days as you start new memories with your “new” family. I was talking with Josh yesterday and telling him how much some of the things he does reminds me of how I remember Dan. I think they would have really enjoyed each other talking about their “projects” and such. They are both inventors. In a couple of weeks Josh is off to the Air Force and I am proud. I know I will miss him a lot, and his non-stop chatter, but it is his turn and God will help me to adjust to my “new” family too.

    I think every season of life has its joys and its sorrows, but it is what we focus on that gets us through the parts we like less. We pray that you will get through this season of life and find joy and happiness along the way.

    And now we wish you and your little ones the best Christmas ever as you remember God’s gift to you.