• 09Dec

    Threw a snowball at Dan today and he didn’t even flinch.  He’s such a deadbeat lately.  Used to be he’d have a snowball to toss back at me quicker than you can blink, and next thing I’d know I’d be squashed in the snow or at the very least feeling the cold wet stuff sliding down my back. 

    Snow is another form of water, you know.  We had many, many water fights of many different sizes and shapes.  I remember one  from when we were dating that included a hose, another consisting of large water guns, several of the frozen variety, one on our honeymoon that ended in a river, one in our first trailer that . . . oh, I love that story, hang on.

    A month or two after we were married (I think) we had friends come to visit us and camp out in our living room (the trailer consisted of a living room/kitchen combo and bedroom/bathroom — not very big) and Dorina and I got to giggling and planning and of course, water entered the picture.  It was frozen this time in the form of an ice pack.  Somehow the ice pack found it’s way to Dan’s side of the bed.  It made it’s way from his pillow down to the foot of the bed, freezing his sheet quite thoroughly.  Newly married I didn’t realize that he liked to crawl into a cool bed, but since the ice pack was still hiding at the foot of the bed it managed to have the desired effect.  He actually yelped and jumped back out of bed.  =)  I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my side of the bed.  I could hear Dorina enjoying the ruckus from the living room, too. 

    Ahh. That made me smile.

    I love you, Daniel.

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