• 06Dec

    I can’t talk!!  It’s so annoying and frustrating.  Dan led the conversations, I just guided and directed and gathered information.  Now when I want to say something nice or just try to be polite the stupidest things come out of my mouth!  I thought we did just fine at the communication part of our marriage — not perfect, of course, but fine.  Now I’m afraid that Dan did all the communicating.  Probably just another case of where we balanced each other out and made a good team (He talked, I listened -and wrote).  Maybe I should get a job at Burger King again so that I can practice small talk with a hundred people a day.

    No wonder I didn’t get to go to heaven.  I have too much to learn.

2 Comments to Talking

  • I’m not so sure that it was balance – I think it was just that Danny never stopped talking! This made it very easy to have a conversation with him – all you needed to do was keep nodding your head. 🙂 I must say, I never thought I would ever miss his talking, but now that he is gone I surely do. However, I do think that some of the kids will be true Ewings and will take up the slack when it comes to talking – if they haven’t already!

  • oh that is so true, just give those little minds a few more years and you will wonder where the quiet went:) I thought I had a very quiet son till he got an opinion of his own. But at least life is never dull. I like quiet, but now all the time.