• 31Dec

    Other than a few emotional issues . . . Christmas wasn’t too bad.  Two different local churches volunteered to play St. Nick this year allieviating the stress of finding presents (and buying) for all the kids and hiding them, and wrapping them, and keeping the kids out of them, etc . . .

    We got some really neat stuff, and I was pleased with the choices.  Benjamin (7) got a paper recycling kit that we have already tried out.  We took some of the shredded Christmas wrapping paper and turned it into writing paper.  Our process needs a bit of refining, but it’s fun and useable.  Now I know why Dan used to grumble about the environmentalists.  Please!  It’s easier to just plant another tree!  =)

    Josiah(6) got a piano book and a kit to build his own gumball machine, which we promptly filled and started using.  All of the older kids got new boots.  Everyone got gloves and hats.  Mom got them a sled with some of their Christmas money.  Mom and the boys got new flashlights (something of a rarity in this house for some reason).  Abigail (5) got a bunch of movies that she enjoys.  Dassy (4) got a school book or two that she was excited about and so was Mom.  Maranatha (3) found a tag somewhere to chew on and spent a lot of time just watching all the excitement.  She got another baby doll that she and Payden have been fighting over (they both want to put the baby to sleep and change it’s diaper and all that fun stuff).  Payden (2) got a couple of “vroom vroom’s” and a “woof woof” and he was the one that kept cleaning up all the wrapping paper and throwing it out so that we had more room to work.  Caleb (1) slept through most of it, but has since found a few of his toys that are great for chewing on.  We all got some books and games. . .

    But I got the best presents . . .

    After Christmas someone showed up at my door and hands me a box.  “We’re sorry.  This one came late.”  The poor guy, when I saw what it was I cried.  It was the science curriculum from Answers in Genesis that I have been wanting to use.  That one box could potentially take care of my science class for all the kids for the next 8+ years!!  I can hardly wait to get back to school!

    Another good one came from my sister.  They were teasing me about my “Super Mom Days” as I call them.  It’s usually a Monday and I expend tremendous amounts of energy getting tons of things accomplished.  (Usually after a “Super Mom” day we have a Play Day so Mom can recoup.)  So my wonderful sister designed and made a special cape, yellow of course, with a huge SM sewed to the back and a border of fur on the bottom (makes it heavier so that I don’t get sucked into airplanes, vacuum cleaners or other such things–watch The Incredibles if that is confusing to you).  =)  I wore it part of the day Monday and had all kinds of mini-super mom’s following me around.  The girls were all excited about being a “Super Mom” until they realized that meant work, then they ‘flew’ off in another direction.

    But really, the presents weren’t the best part of Christmas . . .

    I was surrounded by family who helped me get through the rough season.  I enjoyed the kid’s excitement.  I loved the Christmas lights.  We had fun making a hundred dozen cookies.   We enjoyed many visits from friends and neighbors. 

    And best of all . . .

    The real reason for the season gave us a reason to hope, a reason to go on, a reason to smile.  We love you, Jesus.  Happy Birthday.

4 Comments to Our Christmas

  • What a precious insight into the meaning of Christmas! I’m SO thankful you had such a special season with children and friends.

    Our church here together with a church from the country joined together to put on what they called “The Bethlehem Walk”. They rented an empty store in town and turned the inside into what looked like the town of Bethlehem. It was really amazing, and would you believe 1100 people came go see the display!! Now I wasn’t personally able to go but I heard glowing reports from some who could.

    Just a little line to wish you a special year ahead as you walk step by step with our Heavenly Father — and be encouraged by His leading. Love, Gram Ewing.

  • Sounds like you had some good new memories. I look forward to hearing how the pic fit in your new memory books.

    Have a good and growing new year. We love you.

  • It sounds like you had a good Christmas. I was praying for you in the morning when we were outside playing in the snow. Yes! We had snow for Christmas!!! A rarity here in Texas.