• 12Dec

    A local college puts on a Christmas cantata and I went last night with all the kids.  They were a little distracting so given the chance I had a date and went again tonight.  It was powerful and brought back some fun memories.  Getting dressed up for a Fine Arts, giggling and prepping with the girls before hand, watching out the windows for our dates, Vespers, orchestra, roses, watching Wayne play the drums, seeing Ginni in the choir, eyeing up the competition (Dan had alerted me to who my competitors were), chatting with Suanna, the excitement of Dan’s presence . . . what fun.

    They ended tonight with a piece centered around the song “We Shall Behold Him” reminding us of our Savior’s second coming.  My first thought was, “I will get to see Dan again.”  And I had to remind myself that Jesus was the reason I was doing this – Jesus, not Dan.  Jesus will be the first one I need to see.

    And still, my relationship with Dan continues to show me how to love my Lord.

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  • Ahhh…..Fine Arts!! Boy does that bring back memories!!! Especially watching out the window for our dates 🙂 and watching all the guys standing down there all nervous. 🙂 Wow that was fun!

  • I remember the day! (Am I the Ginni you mentioned? I don’t think I have ever met another one spelled my way….) I like to see if I could find my friends in the crowd below me! We had such fun hanging out together after church (good ole box meals!) OH! how/where is Suanna? Wayne is in the middle east somewhere……Thanks for the memories! Love you!!

  • Oh, the memories! I’m so glad you posted this. And isn’t it interesting how God has continually designed the marriage relationship to picture our relationship with Him? I just finished reading The Divine Romance which amazingly/convictingly illustrates that same concept.

  • So maybe you should change your tag line to say “A bride with two grooms in heaven raising seven children with two fathers in heaven.”

    Joking aside, you have expressed a profound illustration and properly put in the right priority. You anticipation of seeing Dan should never waver, but it should seem dim in comparison to your anticipation to seeing Christ. You wrote it well. Those are powerful lessons. It challenges me to love Christ ans look for his coming with more of that flavor, more like I should.

    The college memories are good too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • praise the Lord for that last line! It is such a great reminder to us all that our relationships with others are to bring us closer to God and to understand Him better. I am praying for you this Christmas. God be with you.