5 Comments to Open House Slide Shows

  • I am still amazed with what IS possible with the help of other’s and the Lord !

    What an amazing slideshow !!


    Still think of you often, and hope that this last week has not been too difficult for you !

    Michelle for the Kotyk’s


  • Thanks so much for sharing. As we have watched, donated and prayed from afar, it is extra special to be able to see this slide show and see the AMAZING HOUSE that love built. What a blessing to see how well God has taken care of you. You have a beautiful home. May God bless your home and the family that lives within those wall.

  • I loved the slide show, too. Thanks. I knew you people helping, but I must admit, I was surprised to see the number of people. Wonderful! Praise God for His care of you and your little ones.

  • I am so happy for you. You will not have a worry as to where you will live. What a blessing for all of you. It is obvious that God’s face is shining on you and blessing and keeping you. May you find peace and joy in your new home for many years to come. We love you.