• 16Oct

    Just a silly thought that made me smile.

    Background: We long distance dated for several months before getting engaged and then married.  Not liking being apart for that long we tried to plan a few visits.  Most visits ended with a trip to the bus station where Dan would get on the bus and I would wave goodbye and then try to find my way home through my tears.  To me, Greyhound was a symbol of separation.  It didn’t help that two different buses had transmission problems on Dan’s trip from FL to PA for our wedding, causing him to almost miss the wedding.  I told him often that I hated Greyhound.

    Silly Thought:  I think Dan went to heaven in a Greyhound bus.

3 Comments to I Hate Greyhound

  • No Way – Greyhound’s Customer Service isn’t good enough to
    get you to cloud 9 much less Heaven!

    one time I was trying to get home and Greyhound realized they were overbooked already – so rather than call the bus – they sent it out without announcement and claimed that I “missed the call”

    Praise the Lord I won’t miss the call up Yonder! 🙂