• 21Oct

    Pardon my crow of triumph as I gloat over a finished project.  Check it out!!!!!

    Abigail's "Danny Quilt"

    Abigail's "Danny Quilt"

    I’m going to bask in the sense of a task COMPLETED and hope that you will appreciate that.


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  • Looks gorgeous! You are an amazing woman… I could never do something like that. Our SS class prayed for you this last Sunday….
    Love you!
    Aunt Starla

  • wow! It’s beautiful! I think I just found the person to help me with the quilt I want to make! ( Hmmmm, I think distance will make it an issue though! )

  • It´s beautiful!!! Where in the world do you find time to make quilts with all your kid? I have one child and can´t even get myself showered and dressed!

  • That quilt is just BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I’m sure Abigail will really appreciate what you have done.
    Bless you!! You are amazing — to get that done and still care for seven little ones!

    Now put your feet up for a while and bask in the finished project.
    Lovingly, Gram E.

  • WOW Liisa, you continue to amaze me….HOW do you do it ?? !!

    The quilt is beautiful, and am so glad you thought of such an great way to give a “piece” of Dan to all of the kids !!

    Hugs, Michelle

  • It is beautiful!! I love the squares, that they are different colors. You have a gift for that…I started a crossstitch years ago, and years later I finally tossed it out cause I knew it would never get done :).

  • That is so pretty!!! You are really good at that? Did your mom teach you? How are the kids doing in shcool? Are you still homeschooling them? How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. I still pray for you.

  • Wow, Liisa! It is stunning! What a wonderful tribute to Danny. It is impressive to see what you are able to manage while raising those adorable little kids and establishing a new house!
    Please give my Hugs and Kisses to the kiddos!!

    Love and prayers,