• 27Oct

    The cousins from MI are here and we are having a blast.  I’m so glad we have a big enough house to do this comfortably.  I guess most people would panic at the thought of having 16 children under the age of 8 in their house, but this house was designed with small children in mind.  It’s noisy, but a lot of fun.  There is enough of them that when they are fighting with someone they can just go play with someone else.  The babies even play together.  Most of them have been playing outside in the big puddle we have out back, or playing baseball, or playing on the swingset a local youth group donated.  That helps with the noise level.  We also have cats that the younger ones love to feed and carry around all over everywhere, a basement with some huge chalkboards, some computers for the older ones with some games geared for their level, some school time scheduled in, and of course, a grandma who loves them all and likes to play games with them and read books to them.  Lots of fun!

6 Comments to Cousins

  • It is so good to hear you are enjoying all your company these days. How good it is to have the Michigan gang around. You all got along so well together.

    Our family are thinking of you all these days as you “relive” the fall of ”08. May you thoughts be directed by the Lord to what is yet ahead.

    Much love, and blessings to you all,
    Gram. E.

  • Did you take group pictures during the visit? I checked the pictures section of this website but did not see anything new. Would be nice to see how everyone has grown over the summer.

  • Yes, pictures is a wonderful idea. Lots of them.
    Then we can feel like we’ve been there as well.
    We are picturing you’all having a good time together.
    I’m glad Janet could be there with you. That will be so meaningful for her, too.

    Blessings to you all, Gram E.

    P.S. Ellen and Frank visited me yesterday. So good to have them.