• 21Sep

    I don’t think Benjamin (7) had a very good weekend.  He gave me a big hug when I got back and told me that he had been forgetting what I looked like.  He almost didn’t recognize me” (and it wasn’t because I looked different).  I suspect he feels the same way about his Dad.  He is so starved for hugs and love, and I just haven’t been able or willing (not sure which) to give him what he needs.  He’s so quiet sometimes and I see him burying himself in books or computer games and I wonder if he’s trying to hide from it all (like his mother likes to do).

    Oh God! 

    Please fill in the gaps where I fail.  Keep his heart tender. 

    Help me to do the best I can to give them all what they need.  I don’t want them to look back and say “I chose to go the wrong way because I saw my mother do _______.”  I know it’s their choice, but

    I don’t want my life to be their excuse.  Help me to keep my windows clean so that they can see your light through me.

4 Comments to Benjamin

  • That is soooo hard. To pick yourself up because you will influence others if you don’t, even though you don’t feel like it. I will be praying for Benjamin too. It must be very hard on him to be so young and going though something he can only barely understand. I appreciate you spirit and willingness to pick yourself up for their sake. -Jenny

  • Glad to hear Benjamin is so open about how he feels. It would be harder if he was not “open” and you couldn’t determine the best response.

    Blessings — and wisdom — to you as you see the children’s needs, and can help them as the Lord helps you.

    You are constantly in our prayers.
    Love, Gram E.

  • We will especially remember Benjamin this week in our prayers. You are all in our prayers often. With time you will know what to do to help each one of your little angels to deal with life in the way that works best for them. Each will need different methods. God will give you the strength you need and the wisdom. He promised that if we ask He will give. So, ask constantly and you will have the wisdom you need when you need it. Not for tomorrow, but for right now. Just one moment at a time. We love you.