• 28Sep
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    Does “Heavenly bodies” mean no “earthly desires”?  Cause I’m getting real sick of fighting them off.

    Satan really seems to have it in for me this week.  One of the sessions that I taught at the Ladies Retreat the other weekend was about how depression can dirty up the windows of our lighthouse and keep God’s light from shining through to the outside world. 

    Well, Mamma, are you going to practice what you preach? 

    My windows were pretty grimy this morning.  Hopefully we got them cleaned up a bit.

    I’m struggling to stay afloat myself and the Lord wants me to be responsible for others? 

    Ha!  That was another one of my points.  Get out there and do something for someone else.  It’s a great way to beat that selfish old depression right out the door.

    I’m starting to talk to myself.  Never a good sign.  My pillow must be calling my name.  Maybe I’ll go talk to it for a change.  =)