• 22Sep


    That must have been one of those days that single mothers tell horror stories about.

    Apparently my children missed me because every single one of them wanted my attention every minute yesterday and most of them were hollering and screaming to get it.  I had a headache by 9:00 a.m.

    But again, the Lord provided.  We made plans last week already, that yesterday was the day that a cousin would babysit for an hour or two while I went with an adopted mom to look at material for curtains.  That was a bit of a break.  And then a sister was able to show up for the supper routine and that helped relieve a bit of the pressure, too.

    Today my construction workers are back to finish up some more stuff on the house.  We finally have the furnace hooked up.  They are supposed to hook up the thermostats today so that I can use it and then I think we are ready for “Final Inspection”.

    But I must be going.  We still have school today, laundry to do, suitcases to unpack from the weekend, floors to mop, winter clothes to exchange for summer clothes, and so on . . . the list always seems so endless.  It’s a good motivator.  If there is something that needs doing then I have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  I miss my reason to get pulled back into bed.

    So, if the Lord got me through yesterday, I’m guessing He can do it again.  Let’s go test this theory.  =)