• 21Sep

    I don’t think Benjamin (7) had a very good weekend.  He gave me a big hug when I got back and told me that he had been forgetting what I looked like.  He almost didn’t recognize me” (and it wasn’t because I looked different).  I suspect he feels the same way about his Dad.  He is so starved for hugs and love, and I just haven’t been able or willing (not sure which) to give him what he needs.  He’s so quiet sometimes and I see him burying himself in books or computer games and I wonder if he’s trying to hide from it all (like his mother likes to do).

    Oh God! 

    Please fill in the gaps where I fail.  Keep his heart tender. 

    Help me to do the best I can to give them all what they need.  I don’t want them to look back and say “I chose to go the wrong way because I saw my mother do _______.”  I know it’s their choice, but

    I don’t want my life to be their excuse.  Help me to keep my windows clean so that they can see your light through me.