• 20Sep

    I just spent the weekend pampering myself!  My Mom and I were invited to speak at a Ladies Retreat this weekend and the theme of the weekend was “You Are Worth It”.  It was great fun.  I had the first and last session and my Mom took the two in the middle.  It was a small group so it wasn’t too intimidating.  I’m still not totally sure why anyone would want to listen to me, but God just told me to speak.  I guess He will take care of the rest. 

    When we weren’t speaking we were doing all kinds of pampering stuff like massages, relaxing in the hot tub, hand creams, nail polish, hair cuts, etc.  It was probably more pampering than I’ve ever had, in my whole life combined.  And lucky for us, the weekend correlated with the yard sales in that area.  =)  So, during some free time Saturday morning a bunch of us did some yardsaling . . WITHOUT kids.  In fact the whole weekend was without kids.  I’ve always tried to make sure to take at least one night a month and just go somewhere without the kids.  Usually I tried to take Dan along, but he wasn’t available this time and since it was a ladies thing I doubt he would have been welcome anyway.   I haven’t done that quite as faithfully here this last couple of months because I felt like I was always leaving the kids somewhere with all the running around and decision making stuff that I had to do.  But that’s just more work.  This time I got away with the intent to relax and renew.  I think it worked.

    My last session was a bit more personal and therefore a bit more difficult to share so I suppose some would argue that I really wasn’t very relaxed, but hey! One demand on my time and emotions is like ‘piece of cake’ after 7 little demands screaming and hollering for physical, emotional, and spiritual help all at once.

    But may I just say, “I am glad to be back home.”  The pampering stuff was kind of fun and unique, but it wouldn’t be pampering if I did it all the time, and there is no way I want to live in that kind of environment anyway. 

    I like challenges! 

    Good thing. 

    I think the Lord gave me one.