• 08Sep
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    I find myself very aware of the approach of October 29th. 

    Often I feel the urge to take the bull by the horns, travel to WV or Pensacola Christian College where we both met, and spend an intense week grieving, so that I can get on with my life.

    Then there are the days when the idea of hiding in a book or a movie is so strong I can barely focus on the child standing in front of me.

    It’s the days that I want to hide that the Lord’s grace shines through the most.  It’s when the books get put away and I have to face my day head-on that I see the Lord working in my life.  I am reminded on a daily basis that I can’t do this on my own.  The Lord has to work through me.  And when I block His hand, oh the mess we have!

    And so I remind myself that to God October 29th was a very happy day, and although it has the potential of being another traumatic day for me, God will get me through it, just like He got me through it last year.  And despite the pain, I need to allow His hand to work in my life so that He can make something beautiful.  I want to be beautiful when I see Dan again.