• 06Sep

    Tomorrow is Labor Day. 


    We were here last year on Labor Day. 

    Dan was helping with the pavilion project that ended up being the main dining establishment during construction of our new house.  We discussed the heart problem and my family was suitably worried.  Dan and I kept brushing them off.  Dad finally stopped me and said “He could die, Liisa.  Then what?”  What worry I felt, I shoved into a little corner and said firmly that we would cross that bridge if we came to it. 

    Here I am one year later, still thankful that I was able to take that attitude.  I could have worried myself sick about the whole thing and probably not changed anything.  Instead we just took each day as it came and enjoyed it as much as we could.  We did what we could to be prepared, but we didn’t let fear rule our lives.


    God’s grace is evident again.  Thank you, Lord.