• 03Aug

    I find myself apologizing to Dan on a regular basis lately. 

    For instance, I find the pressures of running a house and a family to be such that it’s difficult for me to just stop and play with the kids (didn’t used to be quite so hard).  I used to grouch at Dan for not spending enough time with them.

    Sorry, Honey.

    Another example – I see the trash is full as I run past it, arms outstretched to avert another disaster waiting to happen, and I see it again as I go by, my arms loaded down with things that need to be somewhere else.  It’s when that piece of paper falls to the floor the second and third time that I realize that it also qualifies as an emergency and that crying baby will just have to wait while I take the trash out.

    My apologies, Sweetheart.

    Even now – I look at my desk, covered with projects, bills, tasks to be done and I wince and wish I could somehow beg for forgiveness for even thinking a disparaging thought about Dan’s desk.

    It’s amazing what “walking a mile” in someone else’s shoes will do for a person’s outlook on life.

2 Comments to Sorry, Dan

  • The routines will come with time and then the chores will not seem so big or so many as there will be a time for each. The bills will get paid and that too will become a pattern. I have found that if I set them up with the bank to be automatically paid it is much less work for me. The phone I pay myself with online banking as it is not always the same amount and I like to know how much it is so I can keep a tab on it. Budgets are great once they are running smoothly. It is just the getting them working that is the problem. Well, eventually I get mine working and then all goes well till some new bill comes along. Keep up the good work.

  • Liisa,
    I know a little of that overwhelmed feeling. I was having a lot of it at work with mounting pressure and impossible to do in the time given tasks. It got to where it just all needed to be done and I could not prioritize very well. I kept getting these little panicy feelings, and frustration at my lack of omnipotence. Then I realized I just had to do my best and what happened would happen. It was in God’ hands. I came across a verse in Hebrews 13 around that time that reminded me all I needed to remember was that “lo, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” He is the one constant in our lives that will never change no matter what else does. I am still stressed often, but it helps me. We are still praying for you and I hope you can get all organized soon.