• 03Aug
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    The longing for his touch is so great that I find myself avoiding my bed tonight.  The desire to hide in a romance novel or a sappy movie is stronger than my desire for sleep, but I’m still fighting.  Unfortunately, it is the children who suffer from nights like this.  Mom gets grouchy and testy without her sleep.  I find it difficult to handle their need for hugs when my quota is so low.  It’s strange . . I’m longing for a hug, but don’t want to be touched. 

    Afraid I’ll break, maybe?

    Looking for a specific hug and imitations just won’t do?

    Need a “big people” hug rather than multiple little hands and faces demanding more from me.

    I think I’ll sleep on the floor.

2 Comments to Hugs

  • I hear floors can be a great place to sleep when you have a bad back. But when I needed hugs I found that if I streached myself and gave the hug to my little person before it was requested that was a help to the hug quota. I don’t know why the difference, but for me it worked. Sending a big person hug even if I am not the right big person. Hugs are always good.