• 11Aug

    I started getting some stuff ready for the girls for school this year.  Some of the excitement is back.  I love “planning”.  Plotting a course for the year (whether we keep to it or not), deciding what I want them to learn this year, how I want to go about teaching it, Playing With All That Paper!! . . .  I would guess that not everyone would be able to relate, but I love this!

    I know some people question my desire to home school, but I love teaching my kids new stuff.  I like helping them hone new skills, and for the most part I feel comfortable playing teacher.  Dan was very much in favor of home schooling and wanted to help.  I was hoping he would handle the science department and DEFINITELY the chemistry since I managed to flunk that class quite well.  Guess I will have to do it for a little while . . .  Maybe I will be able to pass this time. =)

2 Comments to Home Schooling

  • Just wanted you to know that my daughter Lisa was home schooled and I was and still am in favor of it. I wish you all the best with teaching your children and you are in my prayers daily.

  • I loved the home school years I did with Josh and most of all the excitement over the new things each year. I would do it again if I had the chance. You are doing a great job teaching your kids.