• 03Jul

    Another thing unpacked!!  Dad got my library shelves built while we were gone and one of the first things I did when I got back was unpack my books.  I’m not totally sure why (there’s a theory floating around about the necessity of books, the ease of packing, the number that I own, etc, etc, but it’s still theory), but I never feel like I’m moved in until my books are unpacked.  So I guess you could say it’s finally official.  I am moved in. 


    I found my videos while unpacking the boxes.  I have been searching for them for quite some time and was beginning to believe that they had been swallowed up in the black hole that moving sometimes creates.  However on the back of that good news was the news that a small rocking horse that my Dad passed on to me to pass on to Benjamin (7) seems to have disappeared.  Gotta love moving.

4 Comments to The Black Hole of Moving

  • Yeah! I’m sooo glad you found your videos!! Not sure I remember a rocking horse, I just packed upstairs. Hope it turns up soon, just as the videos did!

  • Got to love the black hole of moving! When I moved back home to Nova Scotia from Miami, I had so many things disappear into that black hole. One of them was my favorite blouse! Then there was all of my shaped paper that I used for good new notes to send home with my students, and many more things from my classroom.

  • Well, it is good to hear that the books are unpacked. I feel unpacked too when the books are out. Hope the rocking horse is just hiding. Enjoy your new home. Love you.

  • I am sure the rocking horse will show up somewhere. I remember seeing it and conversing about ensuring the rocking horse got packed safely because of the sentimental value. Somebody must have packed it in a Very Safe Place!!