• 07Jul

    Even though we are moved in the work still continues.  For example:

    • Laundry lines installed
    • Cement poured for the garage and back patio
    • A porch built to protect the front door
    • A sidewalk framed and poured to keep us out of the mud
    • Back patio fenced so that the younger children (namely Payden [1]) can play outside in a confined area
    • Stones put down on the driveway
    • Electrical finished
    • Library door hung
    • Shelves built and filled for the library
    • Desks built for the school room
    • Tool bench set up in the garage for our tools (Dan’s)

    And so on and so on.

    Tonight we spent several hours compiling lists, finding addresses, cutting and folding cards, and sending out invitations for the next big project on our list – an Open House.  On Saturday, July 25 from 11-4 we are hosting an Open House for everyone who helped with this “little” project.  I’m excited.  My Dad is working on a PowerPoint presentation chronicling the entire project from start to finish (we’ve been taking lots of pictures).  I’ve been trying out a few recipes for some of the snacks and such we want to have available.  I’m trying to get my map finished and get a start on my “testimonial wall”.  Then there are still a few projects we are trying to finish, messes we are trying to clean up, and the usual kids to corral.  Suffice it to say, things are still quite busy in the Ewing household.

2 Comments to Open House

  • Now I am going to let you in on a little Ewing secret. When Great Grandma has five busy little kids and two father’s in heaven if anyone complained that we didn’t sit still enough she just told them that a moving vehicle is easier to steer that a still one. So enjoy your seven little moving vehicles, keep doing what you are and they will all be steered in the correct direction.

    Wish we could come to the open house but it is not possible. We are so happy for you that you are settled enough to have that special day.

    May God bless you in all you do and may you be a blessing to all who enter your home.

    We love you.

  • Liisa,

    I would absolutely love to come and see your new home. How exciting that it is all coming together. We (I), are/am hoping to go to Rochester in the next year or so, and would definatley have to add you to my list of things to see and do !

    Hope you are well. Keep in Touch,