• 27Jul

    Our Open House was a success!!!  The kids didn’t make any major messes.  We had PLENTY of food (we will probably be eating leftovers all week even after we ‘shared’).  We had over 70 people show up, plus the many who showed up the week before and we told several to stop by when they had the time.  A couple stars got added to my map.  We even had an article written about the whole thing and run in the local paper.  Check it out at


    Thank you all for praying.  Now it’s time to relax, get started on the piles of paperwork, and do some more grieving that I’ve been putting off until after the Open House. 

    My next major hurdle is school.  The kids are pushing me to get started on that.  We need the routine.  I was thinking that I might start early again this year, but then someone informed me that August starts next week.  I haven’t done any ordering of supplies yet, so I think I might miss the “early” part.  I am determined to get my chore lists out and started this week.  The kids need some responsibilities again.  Of course, it does look like it could be a pretty busy week, so we shall see.

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  • Wish we could have come. I just made our chore list yesterday and Kent and Katy are so excited about it. They just have their usual chores written down on paper, but I guess they haven’t realized it.
    I’m sure your children will enjoy having their chore lists, so they will know whose turn it is for the responsibilities.