• 19Jul

    I asked the kids what they wanted to name our van (I have always named my vehicles starting with Burpo, and going through Corky, the Green Box, etc, etc).  I had to laugh when they told me they wanted to name our van HERBIE!!  Our 11 passenger van is a far cry from a little bug!

    As for our house, I think I’m just going to stick with “The House that God Built”.  It just really says it all to me.  Not very poetic, but appropriate.

4 Comments to Names

  • Well car names are good we did that as kids and some with our kids. It is fun. and I love the name you gave your house. Love you all.

  • Yes, I like the name you have given your house. Indeed it IS the house that God build — just for you and your children. We are thankful for His care!!

    And if Herbie suits your van, so be it!! Maybe God had a part in that gift as well. Whatever the case may we be SO THANKFUL for every good thing that comes your way. And as you drive with two sets of hands on the wheel — yours and His, may you have many, many hours of safe travel.
    Love, Gram E.