• 09Jul

    More pictures on the pictures page.    Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get these uploaded.  Like I said previously we are still working on things.  The master bedroom pictures are actually quite a bit outdated at this point due to the arrangement of furniture, adding filing cabinets, a big desk for scrapbooking, bills, etc, and I’m hoping to get a small comfy chair for in there too.

    The garage is also coming along nicely.  I’ve got spots out there for all the kids shoes and coats.  The freezer is out there and we also have a corner that we are arranging for tools.  It’s looking good.

    God has blessed us.

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  • Liisa,

    I like your house. I think you should name it. Course I’m in to naming things. My car, my computer, whatever earns it. Jeff started it. He named mom’s house Candy Land and his house is the K-Cube, although that may have changed. We could call your house something with Sunflower’s in it. Sunflower Estate or Garden since you will be raising seven little sunflowers there. Anyway, I leave that to your creativity. Hang in there. I am praying for you and that you and your children will find new joy everyday.

  • Yes, name the house! Do you have a name for your van yet? I remember Sammie and Corcky.