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    July 4, 2009

    I find myself somewhat restless in spirit tonight.  This is a day that holds quite a few memories for me and the kids.  The older ones all remember Daddy setting off fireworks in West Virginia.  Dan was something of a pyromaniac and loved to play with the fireworks.

    But it doesn’t seem to be the memories that are making me restless.  I am quite tired, so maybe a trip to my bed will help.  I just keep hearing the boom of distant fireworks echoing off the sides of the mountains around here. 


    I’ve been led to pray, but I’m not really sure what for.  This is our country’s birthday, but my prayers for my country, that I love with all my heart, are tainted with fear.  How bad will it get?  Am I going to be called upon to serve as a witness for my Lord in even more difficult times?

    The fear of my children’s futures is enough to almost make me turn tail and run.  It’s that fear of the unknown that we often avoid.  So I must focus on what is known.  I know my Lord loves me, and I know He knows it all and is in control.  It is enough.


    But enough fireworks for one night.  I need some sleep.

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