• 07Jul
    Incredible as it may be, Smile there are jobs here in the states that are quite dangerouse!  I ran into one the other day.  Or, to be more precise, it ran into me.  I was just waltzing along doing my motherly duties (with a bit of fun thrown in) when from out of the blue I was attacked by none other than MY SHOPPING CART!!  Who would have thought that shopping could be dangerous!  I definitely wasn’t alert and ready for my shopping cart to just jump out from behind an aisle and demand all my money (although technically . . . Smile).  I was contemplating crutches for a little bit there and wondering if I should report this abuse to the authorities.  How dare that shopping cart mistreat me and run away with my groceries!?  I’m just a “poor wittle mama twying to feed me babies”.  Smile 
    So anyway, other than a limp, peg leg, and an eye patch I seem to be doing fine.  In the future I will have to remember that all is not as it seems and that some shopping carts may be hiding their true feelings from the world and could actually be out to get their masters of oppression. 
    Just think, how would you like to be chained to several other like beings until you are released to haul heavy loads through wind and rain, snow and ice,  threatened with the junk yard if your joints are squeaky, grouched at and beat on when your appendages want to go the opposite way your slave driver wishes, and when it’s all done you get chained back up again without a drop of oil to keep you going.  It’s a terrible life.  No wonder my shopping cart felt the need to break loose and make a bid for freedom.  I must remember to have more compassion on those around me.  Who knows what they might be putting up with.

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  • i hope you plan to put recent pictures of your house up sometime amid the busyness. 🙂
    we are analyzing your last post…we are still analyzing…. we are a little slow. did you spend a lot on groceries or did the shopping cart roll away on you? Did it actually attack you?
    Maybe just shopping with seven kids is dangerous…

  • Thanks for that humorous story about the attacking cart! I was laughing sp hard I had tears! 🙂

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  • Thanks! 🙂 I didn’t realize shopping carts could be so dangerous, but then Yesturday mine kept trying to kidnap Kaomi while we were in the parking lot. I finally managed to get the kids in the car and buckle seat belts all while holding onto the cart.