• 14Jul

    I’m tired this morning.  I was listening to the sound of the big cat running around outside making yard when I heard the little bobcat start its engine.  I smiled and thought, “Grandpa wants to play with his toy, too.”  Then I remembered the times I would sit on his lap while he drove the skidster around doing whatever job needed doing.  Sometimes we got to ride in the bucket, sometimes he let us move the levers, and when I got older I even got the chance to run the thing myself.

    This past summer Dan rented a little “worky thing” too, and did some reshaping of our yard in WV.  He gave his kids rides, too.  Sometimes I would just stop whatever I was doing, take a chair and go sit outside and watch him work.  He’d look up, see me watching and grin as I made exaggerated faces telling him that I was watching those muscles and was quite in awe of his talents.  I liked to watch him chop wood, too.

    Apparently I’m not the only one who woke up tired.  Josiah (6) is whining about not being able to get the bread open.  Guess I’d better go rescue him.  The demands begin for another day.

    Praise the Lord for yard!!!

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  • Dear Liisa, Yes those days come for mothers of the next generation. I remember them, and I only had five to supervise. But now they are all gone and I sit alone in this big house — for a while yet, before I move to Senior’s Quarters in the near future. Then all those “treasures” will have been sorted out and given away — and only a small bit of them left for me to set up and enjoy – I hope!
    Love, Gram E.