• 19Jul
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    The tears are pouring in torents tonight.  I’ve just learned that our little Wyatt has joined my Danny in heaven.  Dan and I prayed for Wyatt and his parents on many occasions and with my own loss still so fresh the pain of yet another loss bowls me over and knocks me to the ground.  I find myself blasting God with all the “why’s?” that I didn’t feel comfortable doing after the loss of Dan.  I struggle to remember that God loves me, and my family members.  I feel like my somewhat shaky faith might have taken another blow. 

    I can remember fighting with Dan.  We would fight, I would find a way to blow off some energy, and then somehow I would find the courage to come back to Dan, touch him, hug him, cuddle back into the arms that I knew loved me.  The problem may not have always been resolved, but I knew that because we loved each other we would continue to work at it until we did solve it.  I didn’t need imediate answers.  I just needed to know that he heard me, and then that he loved me.  I guess I’m doing the same thing with God.  I just need to know that He hears me, and then I can snuggle back in His arms and trust that He is working all things together for good.

    This too, shall pass.  Take good care of Wyatt, Danny.

5 Comments to Another Loss

  • Again and again we fall and scuff our knees and again and again God picks us up and fixes them. Yes, I know this for a fact because He has done it for me when I thought there was no purpose in going on. He gave me reason to believe again. And so my sweet Liisa, I pray that you too will know that He is good and He is God and He loves you all to bits. So feel His hug around you now and let Him love you whole again. You are in my prayers tonight and tomorrow and each and every time God reminds me you are out there on your own and need a little help to stay strong. You are loved.

  • Yes, we are sorry that little Wyatt has left our domain, but think of him — WHOLE, and enjoying the wonders of heaven. What a struggle life has been for him. No normal childhood, but his parents did their best to meet his needs. God knows best. We trust Him.

  • Oh – how like the rest of us you are. I know that right now I needed to be reminded of that. God does love us, and even if we are right in the middle of the “argumement”, we can still run to His arms. God keep you safe in His arms always.

  • Wyatt is Danny’s cousin’s little boy. He would have been about three years old when he died. He had a rare disease that kept him from normal development, so although his family will greatly miss him, it is wonderful that he is now with Jesus and totally healed.