• 19Jul
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    The tears are pouring in torents tonight.  I’ve just learned that our little Wyatt has joined my Danny in heaven.  Dan and I prayed for Wyatt and his parents on many occasions and with my own loss still so fresh the pain of yet another loss bowls me over and knocks me to the ground.  I find myself blasting God with all the “why’s?” that I didn’t feel comfortable doing after the loss of Dan.  I struggle to remember that God loves me, and my family members.  I feel like my somewhat shaky faith might have taken another blow. 

    I can remember fighting with Dan.  We would fight, I would find a way to blow off some energy, and then somehow I would find the courage to come back to Dan, touch him, hug him, cuddle back into the arms that I knew loved me.  The problem may not have always been resolved, but I knew that because we loved each other we would continue to work at it until we did solve it.  I didn’t need imediate answers.  I just needed to know that he heard me, and then that he loved me.  I guess I’m doing the same thing with God.  I just need to know that He hears me, and then I can snuggle back in His arms and trust that He is working all things together for good.

    This too, shall pass.  Take good care of Wyatt, Danny.

  • 19Jul

    I asked the kids what they wanted to name our van (I have always named my vehicles starting with Burpo, and going through Corky, the Green Box, etc, etc).  I had to laugh when they told me they wanted to name our van HERBIE!!  Our 11 passenger van is a far cry from a little bug!

    As for our house, I think I’m just going to stick with “The House that God Built”.  It just really says it all to me.  Not very poetic, but appropriate.