• 07Jul
    Incredible as it may be, Smile there are jobs here in the states that are quite dangerouse!  I ran into one the other day.  Or, to be more precise, it ran into me.  I was just waltzing along doing my motherly duties (with a bit of fun thrown in) when from out of the blue I was attacked by none other than MY SHOPPING CART!!  Who would have thought that shopping could be dangerous!  I definitely wasn’t alert and ready for my shopping cart to just jump out from behind an aisle and demand all my money (although technically . . . Smile).  I was contemplating crutches for a little bit there and wondering if I should report this abuse to the authorities.  How dare that shopping cart mistreat me and run away with my groceries!?  I’m just a “poor wittle mama twying to feed me babies”.  Smile 
    So anyway, other than a limp, peg leg, and an eye patch I seem to be doing fine.  In the future I will have to remember that all is not as it seems and that some shopping carts may be hiding their true feelings from the world and could actually be out to get their masters of oppression. 
    Just think, how would you like to be chained to several other like beings until you are released to haul heavy loads through wind and rain, snow and ice,  threatened with the junk yard if your joints are squeaky, grouched at and beat on when your appendages want to go the opposite way your slave driver wishes, and when it’s all done you get chained back up again without a drop of oil to keep you going.  It’s a terrible life.  No wonder my shopping cart felt the need to break loose and make a bid for freedom.  I must remember to have more compassion on those around me.  Who knows what they might be putting up with.
  • 07Jul

    Even though we are moved in the work still continues.  For example:

    • Laundry lines installed
    • Cement poured for the garage and back patio
    • A porch built to protect the front door
    • A sidewalk framed and poured to keep us out of the mud
    • Back patio fenced so that the younger children (namely Payden [1]) can play outside in a confined area
    • Stones put down on the driveway
    • Electrical finished
    • Library door hung
    • Shelves built and filled for the library
    • Desks built for the school room
    • Tool bench set up in the garage for our tools (Dan’s)

    And so on and so on.

    Tonight we spent several hours compiling lists, finding addresses, cutting and folding cards, and sending out invitations for the next big project on our list – an Open House.  On Saturday, July 25 from 11-4 we are hosting an Open House for everyone who helped with this “little” project.  I’m excited.  My Dad is working on a PowerPoint presentation chronicling the entire project from start to finish (we’ve been taking lots of pictures).  I’ve been trying out a few recipes for some of the snacks and such we want to have available.  I’m trying to get my map finished and get a start on my “testimonial wall”.  Then there are still a few projects we are trying to finish, messes we are trying to clean up, and the usual kids to corral.  Suffice it to say, things are still quite busy in the Ewing household.

  • 07Jul
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    July 4, 2009

    I find myself somewhat restless in spirit tonight.  This is a day that holds quite a few memories for me and the kids.  The older ones all remember Daddy setting off fireworks in West Virginia.  Dan was something of a pyromaniac and loved to play with the fireworks.

    But it doesn’t seem to be the memories that are making me restless.  I am quite tired, so maybe a trip to my bed will help.  I just keep hearing the boom of distant fireworks echoing off the sides of the mountains around here. 


    I’ve been led to pray, but I’m not really sure what for.  This is our country’s birthday, but my prayers for my country, that I love with all my heart, are tainted with fear.  How bad will it get?  Am I going to be called upon to serve as a witness for my Lord in even more difficult times?

    The fear of my children’s futures is enough to almost make me turn tail and run.  It’s that fear of the unknown that we often avoid.  So I must focus on what is known.  I know my Lord loves me, and I know He knows it all and is in control.  It is enough.


    But enough fireworks for one night.  I need some sleep.