• 14Jun

    June 13

    We are in!!!  I am celebrating with a fizzy drink and an internet capable computer IN BED!!  O.k. so the bed is just a mattress on the floor, but hey!  I’m in my own room, the kids are asleep, and the night is still young. 

    I’m too tired to be here long, though.  I did some canning today.  Managed to make . . I don’t know . . half a dozen pint jars of strawberry jelly today.  Probably should have focused on getting beds set up and more unpacking, but just didn’t get the chance and the fruit will spoil, a bed won’t.

    Not everything is complete, but it’s functional.  It’s wonderful to have this much space for the kids to play.

    Thank you, Lord!!

4 Comments to We Are IN!!

  • Am so glad that you’re in your own space. I’m sure it must have been hard the last number of months to be everywhere and unsettling for the kids too to move from place to place all the time. Hopefully now, (after you get totally settled in) you can take some time to catch your breath and the kids can deal with life as well. Am so happy for you! Welcome home!

  • Welcome home. May every day you are there be blessed and may you be a blessing to all who enter there.

    You are loved.

  • Praise the Lord! So happy for you Liisa! Its been a long wait but PTL you can now get everything all cozy for your family. Still praying for you and the kids.