• 14Jun

    Death has become part of the games my children play.  Josiah (6) told me today that they were playing that Maranatha’s (2) daddy was dead and that Josiah (6) was her new Daddy and Abigail (4) was her new mommy (am I getting replaced too? Smile)

    Dassy (3) was playing with her dolls today and this is sort of how  her conversation went.


    Dassy: This is my baby.  I have two babies.  This is my baby’s baby (She’s a grandma already?)

                  I had two babies, but one died.

    Me: Oh, that’s sad isn’t it.

    Dassy: Yea, her mommy cried.  This is my baby and this is the died baby (her wording not mine)

                  I put the died baby to bed and left him there.

    Me: Like we did with Daddy?

    Dassy: Yeah, we put him to bed and left him there.

    We took the kids into the hospital after the nurses had moved Dan to a private room and cleaned him up a bit and let them say goodbye to Daddy.  Abigail(4) remembers that his blanket was blue.  Dassy(3) remembers that he was in bed and we left him there. 

6 Comments to Playing With Death

  • A sad game.
    But even if you all “left him there” Jesus came and took him to heaven. (Perhaps they could develop a better ending to that story.) And how can we tell them that Daddy is in heaven — waiting for them to come when they get bigger. Because death is real to them they only remember that part of the story. Maybe a little “resurrection” emphasis would help them, and give hope. I wonder.

    In heaven Danny will have a white suit — won’t he?
    And he will be looking for them to come when they get grown up? ??? Won’t He?

    How beautiful heaven must be! Love, Gram. E.

  • Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings…. That is sad. I can hear her saying it. We think they are too young to understand, but then they surprise us. They are all grieving. Sigh. Keep praying folks.

  • They are healing themselves with your help and God’s. He has programed us with a way of dealing with the tramatic things when our brains and emotions are ready to deal with it. Praise God that they are talking. That is the best way for them to heal. They are so smart and special. They know what they need to do and are doing it. Keep them talking and they will be ok. Let them say how they felt and feel and they will heal. You are a good mommy.

  • My kids talk about death a lot too. Mel says her kids say things too. They’ve all been exposed to a lot of death in their short lives. 🙁 Death is very real to them, I hope that it makes Jesus and Heaven very real to them also.