• 06Jun
    new bed

    new bed

    Well, here is the bed I picked out.  That’s not my room.  I ordered this on-line and it’s coming from Canada of all places!  =)  I thought that was kind of appropriate since Dan was Canadian.  I got this whole suite, plus another night stand, for about the price of the drawers that I was looking at before.  So, I managed to satisfy my “thrifty” side as well as get what I wanted.

    I’ve got to get moving.  Literally.  =)  I set up a large portion of the school room furniture yesterday and got my couch moved into my library.  Today I want to empty some more boxes and maybe get some shelves built for my library.  We will see what the day holds.

    Thank you all for your input on this.  You had some good ideas and some very good thoughts.  I guess I don’t have to feel guilty for spending so much money on myself when I only do it once in a blue moon.  Thanks for your encouragement.

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