• 17Jun

    If you all get a chance you should check out Sharon’s comment to “The Cost”.  It pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    I did laundry today!!  I’ve had water, but due to high PH levels and other such things a water softener was needed.  That was installed today and I was starting some laundry almost before the guys had it all hooked up.  Quite a few of my blankets, sheets, towels, etc need washed due to an excess amount of moisture in my basement.  And no, my basement isn’t flooding, the moisture is from the concrete.  It is still a bit green down there (e.g. not cured – why do they call it “green” anyway?  It’s not a tree or even a tree product!).

    That was the other thing I did today.  I cleaned up my basement.  If you can imagine a 30 X 28 ft square with boxes and their contents spread everywhere, tools, paint supplies, clothes, toys, furniture, etc., then you probably have a pretty good idea of what my basement looked like.  I was still missing a few important items and was also aware of the moisture problem so I made it my goal to get that mess cleaned up this week.  Now I have some stuff that needs tossed, some more stuff that’s been relegated to the yardsale pile, a few odd pieces of furniture that will either stay in the basement or possibly get tossed (except for my hope chest), a small stack of boxes!, and an organized shelf full of totes with kids clothes in them. 
    It looks good, if I do say so myself.  But once again I have to say that I couldn’t have done it without Glenda.  She took care of most of the clothes organizing.  That took her almost as long to do, as it took me to clean the rest of the basement.  And I don’t mean that she was taking her time at her job, just that there was that many bags and boxes of clothes to go through!  And that’s after we spent another day previously going through scads of boxes of clothing and organizing.  It sure does take a lot of clothes to take care of 7 kids.

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  • One nice thing about them getting a bit older is that once the potty training part is done the amount of cloths shrinks as you don’t always have to have extras just in case of an accident. Well, it was nice for me. I don’t like piles of dirty laundry. Clean and folded I like but oh the dirty was not fun. Glad you have your washer etc. working now. Have fun sorting and unpacking.