• 21Jun
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    It was a hard day for me.

    It must have been an incredible amount of pain for God to give up His son like He did and to such a calloused and uncaring world.  Maybe we should remember Him on Father’s Day, too.

    I know, we should remember Him everyday . . .

4 Comments to Father’s Day

  • Lisa,
    I can imagine this was a very hard day. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you continue remembering the two fathers in heaven.

  • What a precious thought about our Father in Heaven!! Yes, He gave His best — and what do we do with Him? A fresh challenge to think over and over again about the cost to our Father in Heaven.

    Bless you for helping your children on this special day … and for your personal remembering of your two fathers in Heaven, both waiting for all of you.

    Love and Prayers, Gram E.

  • This was a hard Father’s Day for me too. Missing my own Dad. But the Joy came with the knowing that my son could take his dad out for father’s day, and my two big kids called to wish him a happy day.

    I am so thankfull that I have two fathers in heaven waiting with yours. What joy they must share together. So little sister we share one of those fathers and I pray that He will send extra blessing to you this week as you work through having your two fathers (your’s and your children’s) in heaven.

    We love you.