• 29Jun

    I stopped in Clarksburg to see Dan. 

    I saw him in our yard as we worked to get our garden tilled up.  We expanded it this year and planted winter wheat.  The wheat is still there.  We were going to till it under come spring (09) and put some nutrients back into the ground.  I can see him out back where he formulated ideas to better the property and the world.  I can see him putting up the clothes line in the hopes that it would save us a few dollars on electricity.  The house is gone, the playhouse has been destroyed (and before I got a roof on it, too.  Bummers), and some of the big trees have been cut down.  The yard is quite overgrown.  Dan often “forgot” to cut the grass, but it never looked quite that bad.

    I saw him at work.  He would have this look in his eye when I would come in that said, “Hey look!  I am important here, I’m busy, and I want to show off for you.”  I think he liked it when we would visit because he could show off his family to the ‘guys’, too.

    I saw him driving (my view of him from the passenger’s seat) down familiar stretches of road.  The scenery looked so familiar . . . I can see his arm stretched out on the steering wheel, his confidence in his abilities prevalent in his moves.  I still have his sunglasses on my visor.

    I saw us walking down the street pulling the wagon as we came home from church.  I saw him in the ambulance that stopped to pick us up the one time we got caught in a rain storm.

    I saw him pushing the stroller as we walked around the VA park trying to get Abigail to come a little earlier.  And that last walk on Maranatha’s birthday last year the week before surgery.  He caught a baby duck one year for the kids to pet.  He caught a big duck on Maranatha’s birthday and Payden got to pet it (at 10 mo.).  We weren’t able to catch one this time so I guess Caleb will have to wait for his turn.

    I saw him at church.  I saw him sitting next to me as we sat and chatted with friends after church.  I saw him teaching Children’s church.  I saw him dropping off the babies at the nursery.  I saw him, worried, coming to find me the Sunday before Payden was born.  I saw him holding the hymn book as we sang.  I saw him smiling at me as I came back from playing the piano.  I saw him talking with friends as we ate one of our yummy meals after church.

    He’s still here and I miss him so.

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