• 11Jun

    I found our alarm clock today.

    How I wish we had forgotten to set it.  Or maybe we could have had the volume turned so low that we wouldn’t have heard it.  Or even more typical, maybe Dan could have just shut it off in his sleep and neither of us would have woken up till 8.

    If I had it to do all over again . . . sigh.  I probably would do the same thing, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish I could have that moment to relive again.  I could hit that snooze, cuddle up close, my head on his arm, feeling the warmth of his chest against my back, his arm warm across my stomach, listen to his even breathing telling me that he probably hadn’t even heard the alarm clock, feel his body curl around me just a little bit tighter as I settle back into him . . .  

    I have my memories.  Now if I could just funnel that longing into a longing for my Lord and Saviour . . .

3 Comments to Alarm Clock

  • Dear Liisa,
    Alarm clocks do come in handy sometimes, but maybe for now you will settle for the seven little alarm clocks that will faithfully waken you when they need you.

    Good to hear that Dan was such a good “comforter” to you, and that now you are able to turn to the Lord. the Great Comforter. in times of need.

    We have had unusual weather in Alberta lately, but in spite of all the rain there are some areas south of us that are parched!! S.E. Alberta and western Sask are crying for rain. Crops are NOT developing, so their future looks grim. I suspect they would welcome an alarm clock that would waken them to the sound of rain on their parched land.

    Blessings to you and yours, Gram E.

  • What a poignant expression of the relationship between your two longings. They are not in opposition or competition, but one teaches and illustrates the other. Treasure, as you are, your love for Dan and let this point the way to an even greater longing to know and treasure Jesus Christ.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Sounds like how I feel every morning. So, now I have my alarm clock at the other side of the room so that I have to tear myself away from the warmth of the cuddle and turn it off before the whole town is awake. I am so glad that you have such sweet memories. Love you.