• 03Jun

    June 3, 2009

    Tonight I find myself caught in the midst of another difficult decision that before I would have just given my input and deferred the rest of this headache to Dan.  I have been given a gift for the use of furniture and I’m just not sure how to use it wisely.  Do I stretch it and pick up the pieces I need at sales, bargain bins and the like and end up with a bunch of mismatched furniture that is functional and will cover several rooms, or do I spend more money and get a matched set of furniture for just my bedroom—which I might add, I’ve never had before.

    I, naturally, lean more to the thrifty side of things.  I could get mismatched functional pieces, do some painting, stenciling, whatever, and make all the pieces blend together and I would probably be just fine.  Bedrooms are just for sleeping, right?

    But there is another side of things that I’m not quite sure how to deal with here.  My bedroom will be off limits to the kids.  It will be the place where I can relax, let down my hair so to speak, and tune the world out and rejuvenate myself.  I love my children dearly, but if I don’t have a chance to get away I cannot be the best mother for them that I need to be.  Without Dan here to help I will need that space even more since I will be dealing with the constant demands of my children from sunup to sundown without a whole lot of relief. 



    –We already have a zillion other little projects on the go, painting furniture just isn’t real high on my priority list.  

    –Having my room set up and efficient is going to be crucial for my sanity for the immediate weeks after move-in day. 

    –I like the idea of meshing bargain pieces with a room, but not real excited about multiple large pieces for one room, especially during an already busy time.  I can still do “deals” for other rooms of the house. 

    –I like easy on the pocketbook, but like a classy look.  Those don’t always mesh.


    It’s the bed that is really what’s bugging me.  I want drawers under a double or queen sized bed and a bookshelf headboard.  They have all kinds of options like that for single beds, bunk beds, etc, but are sadly lacking on options for the double/queen sized variety . . . at least at a reasonable cost (or what I think is reasonable—I am a cheap skate). 

    –Do I really need the drawers (under the bed)?  I have so few wants . . . when I finally pushed for something Dan usually went out of his way to try to accommodate . . .


    Oohh!  That thought made me cry.  He tried so hard to take care of me.  He insisted that I needed a dishwasher.  “With all these kids you don’t have time to be washing dishes.” He said.  Every so often he would come home and say, “What can we do to make the house more efficient for you?”  Sometimes he would grouch at me, “Why in the world are you doing that?  You don’t have time for that!”    


    Oh I miss him!!