• 02May

    We got the upstairs painted!!  There were about 20 volunteers helping today and they made quick work of all that .  It’s exciting to see the progress being made.  I think I’m going to love that laundry room.  I’ll try to get pictures out soon.

2 Comments to Upstairs painted

  • Dear Liisa,
    So good to hear of all those volunteers, and all that they accomplished!!
    Uncle Phil will be SO happy to see all this when he arrives soon.
    Wish I could be there to see him rejoicing with you all.
    So glad you will have a laundry room which will be useful, pretty to work in, handy for all the laundry you have to do. God is good!
    Love Gramma Ewing.

  • wow! Painting already. That is great. I love that part. It means the nest is almost ready. Wish I could have been there to help, but will continue to pray that there are others who can. My laundry room is one of my best friends. lol. I am so glad you have a nice one. Will watch for the pics.