• 15May

    We got the siding on today!!  Now it really looks like a house.  We had a crew of about 20 guys come in about 7:30 this morning and by 3:30 they were all done.  That was fast work.  Tomorrow (or today since I see it’s after midnight) we have plans to paint the downstairs.  I still need to pick out flooring for the kitchen/dining room area, but the carpets and such for the rest of the house are all picked out, some are laid, some come on Monday.  I think the telephone guys are coming on Monday.  My kitchen cabinets should be here Monday. I think the sewer/well guy is coming this coming week.  It’s so exciting to see everything coming together.  I am quite tired trying to keep up with it all, though.  I will be glad to be moved in and sleeping in my own bed (if I have one =), and getting something of a routine started so that we can settle down.

    Pictures later.  I’m already going to regret this late hour.

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