• 07May

    We have had some help from New York this week.  It’s been great.  They are making inroads on the house, helping lots with the kids, cooking some meals, and keeping us all entertained.

    We have the electrical done upstairs, all the covers are on the receptacles and light switches, lights and smoke alarms installed, everything is painted, carpets are laid in the boy’s rooms, linoleum laid down in the kid’s bathroom and laundry room, trim work (all donated again- THANK YOU!) is being installed . . . .

    We have the carpet for the girl’s room, the hallway and the linoleum for the master bath to do yet.  I need to pick something out for the master bedroom yet.  Then we have the rest of the trim work, touch up on paint, and closet doors and rods to install.  Bathroom vanities are ordered and on their way and then we need to get the plumber to hook up fixtures and the upstairs will be about done.

    They have been mudding the downstairs this week and Lord willing, we will be able to start painting down there next week.  The kitchen cabinets have also been ordered, lights are ready to install, and doors are all here.  I still need to make some decisions on flooring down there and I need to pick out some appliances as well.  The siding is scheduled for the end of next week as well.

    The well is ready to be hooked up.  We are fighting with the telephone company to get them to come hook that up.  Electrical guys called and said they would come hook that up (sometime).  The sewer system is still on hold.  And we are still trying to get an oil furnace for the heating system.

    Things still seem to be moving along at a nice pace although we are doing more of the less visible stuff.  I would love to give you a move in date but it remains to be seen as to whether we will have enough to complete this project so that the inspectors will let us move in, or whether we will have to play around at it for a while as we can afford it.  So many have helped to get us this far that I find it difficult to believe that the Lord would let us down this late in the game.  But His plans are not our own.

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  • You said it right when you said, “But His plans are not our own.” I’ve learned over the years that “He makes all things beautiiful, IN HIS TIME.” I’m sure everything will come together when it needs to.

  • It was great to hear of all the progress of recent days. Yes, I agree — “In His time.” If we rush ahead we could be in for trouble. If we lag behind – ???
    So as we pray for His Time we can be sure it will be the right time.

    So glad you have help from New York also!! I have seen the results of their work before so am sure it is being a big help — And Auntie will have fun with those little ones. How good they could come.

    Blessings, Gram E.